ICE-D side projects

This lists projects that are related to the ICE-D project but aren't really part of the core infrastructure.

Antarctica marine radiocarbon database

This is a prototype transparent-middle-layer implementation of a database for marine radiocarbon dates from sediment cores on the Antarctic continental shelf. Only raw observations are stored and calibration to calendar years is dynamic. Link:

Antarctica relative sea level database

Another application of the prototype TML implementation for radiocarbon data. Dynamically generates relative sea level histories from a database of radiocarbon dates on raised marine sediments in Antarctica. Link:

DMC Antarctica

Web server front end to code that compares transient ice sheet model results to exposure-age data from the ICE-D:ANTARCTICA database. Displays model ice thickness change on the same axes as exposure-age data, as well as some other stuff. Link:

The Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas

An application that links mapped extents of Pleistocene glaciation across Alaska with geochronologic constraints served up by ICE-D in an interactive map. This is in development and progress can be viewed in the following Link:

ICE-D Examples/Lab

A python-based web application - created as a google app engine - that displays examples of ICE-D visualizations and analyses as embedded interactive plots and maps. The back end queries ICE-D, and using the bokeh plotting library, generates plots and maps with the queried data as interactive figures on the front end webpage. Link: ICE-D Examples

AskICE-D: Automated querying tool

A tool hosted in Ghub that builds ICE-D queries based on user input and dynamically returns results directly from the database in various formats. See page here for description of converting input coverages to acceptable format.